The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse

Hrifunes Guesthouse Iceland

Hrifunes Guesthouse offers homey and welcoming accommodation in a dramatic landscape of glaciers, black sand and green pastures. Surrounded by the unspoiled farmland of the Skaftartunga region, it offers the perfect base for exploring the natural wonders of South Iceland.

With our cozy rooms and gourmet cooking, we want to make sure your're well rested and well-fed.

The guesthouse with a history rooted in the local community, has been lovingly restored by Hadda and Haukur.


We have twelve cozy rooms (ten with private bathrooms) offering accommodation for up to 25 people. Breakfast and Wi-Fi are included in the price of your stay.

Our rooms offer wonderful views of the surrounding scenery, including two of Iceland's largest lava fields, divided by the Tungufljot River. Booking is easy.


Mealtimes are a very popular part of life at Hrifunes. They offer a chance to sample local produce,  enjoy gourmet Icelandic cooking and share stories with other guests and locals.

While breakfast is included, you can also book a place at our daily dinners in advance, which is highly recommended! Sharing a table with people from around the world, and sampling a threecourse set menu made from local produce, is an unmissable experience. Don't just take our word for it.

The story behind Hrifunes Guesthouse

Hrifunes Guesthouse reflects the history and nature of this special region. Built in 1947, the house was originally a dining stop for travellers crossing the vast sand flats of Myrdalssandur. Later the building became a community house, used as a meeting place by locals up until 1985 when it fell into disuse. When Route 1 was moved in 1992, the area became a peaceful and private setting.

Restoring the house to the heart of the community

In 2007 Hadda and Haukur took over the old community house at Hrifunes. In time they restored it, creating a cozy and welcoming guesthouse that reflects its history at the heart of the community.

Vetrartilboð I – Gisting og kvöldverður fyrir tvo kr. 29.900

Vetrartilboð II – Tveggja nátta dvöl fyrir tvo ásamt morgunverði kr. 39.900

Vetrartilboð III – Tveggja nátta dvöl fyrir tvo ásamt morgunverði og kvöldverði kr. 58.900


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