Hrifunes Guesthouse Iceland

Every evening, the communal dining area is the centre of the action at Hrifunes where guests unwind after a day's exploring with a hearty and delicious meal. Our table has played host to up to seven different nationalities at one time.


We offer a two-course set menu, featuring quality Icelandic ingredients such as fish, lamb and wild game. As we base our meals on local, seasonal ingredients, our set menu varies depending on the day and time of year.


Dinner is served at around 19:30. To reserve a place, please book day in advance, by phone (+354 863 5540) or email (info@hrifunesguesthouse.is).


The price per person for our two-course set menu is ISK 7000. For children of 12 years and under we offer a 50% discount and children 4 years and younger do not pay.

BOOKINGS: info@hrifunesguesthouse.is


Pantanir í síma 8632326 eða info@hrifunesguesthouse.is