Local Food

Local Food

Hrifunes Guesthouse Iceland

We love to feature local, quality ingredients in our cooking. From the wild berries that grow in the fields to an excellent selection of meat and fish, you can be sure to experience a taste of real Iceland at Hrifunes.

Meat and fish

For meat and fish, we use suppliers from the local community wherever possible. This includes mouth-watering Icelandic lamb from our neighbors in Borgarfell and grilled or smoked sea-trout coming from a friend's farm in Ytri-Ásar.

Homegrown vegetables and wild herbs

We work with the nearby farm to grow our own potatoes, carrots and yellow turnips. The local fields where we collect wild herbs, such as thyme, and pick and dry wild mushrooms are also a great resource,

Wild game

Hadda and Haukur are both licensed hunters, and whenever possible you'll have the opportunity to sample a little wild game as part of your meal, from wild goose to seabirds, such as guillemot, puffin and razorbill.

Berries, rhubarb, cakes and jams

Icelandic is rich with wild berries, and there are some good hunting grounds around Hrifunes. We go berry picking from early August onwards. We use these delicious natural gifts, such as blueberry, crowberry and stone bramble, to make jams, preserves, porridge, cakes, pies and even schnapps.

Rhubarb also grows freely in Icelandic gardens which is lucky as it is one of our favorite ingredients.

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